About Us

You can’t always expect the unexpected, so our mission is to make sure all applicants receive the best possible lending experience by providing optimal financing terms and excellent customer service.

Lendmart’s expertise, abundant resources and excellent support staff allow us to provide the best financial solution for our customers. We believe our customers come first and deserve easy access to credit, so we’ve lowered the barriers and costs associated with borrowing money. We’re excited to work with you and provide you with a fresh take on getting your finances back in order!

Lendmart provides unsecured, personal loans to qualified applicants while maintaining a proven track record of helping deserving individuals with the funding they need. After borrowers complete our short and simple application process, Lendmart will provide pre-approval in seconds, while clearly outlining the specific terms of the loan.

Eligibility is determined by looking at each applicant’s financial situation individually and taking many factors into account – we don’t use a traditional evaluation system!

Lendmart is a Responsible Lender! (click here for more info)